Beauty in the Painful Places

Could it even be true?
I’ve been taught all my life to hide the pain, put it away in a nice little package so that you look fine on the outside but ache on the inside.
What if there was beauty in the most painful of places and instead of hiding it away in a nice little package we began to open that package?
What if we saw that pain as a beautiful present, just like a child at Christmas we were more excited about opening it and not only showing but sharing it with those admiring around us.
What if your pain was the most precious gift you could of ever been given?
Does the thought of this make you al little nauseated?
I know it did for me at first.
Or maybe your far beyond me and this thought is something that sounds more freeing than anything you’ve ever experienced before?
Wherever you are at in the spectrum is the perfect place to start.
I have been personally challenged with this thought a lot lately. Why do we experience such extreme pain in our lives? If the world was created for man to create, multiple and steward why does it seem to be so brutal at times?
But what if my perspective was just a little off. If it was shifted just a bit. To where my personal pain is actually my greatest power.
I don’t know your story but I do know that someone needs to hear it. Each of our stories build a foundation for who we are and set us up for living out the purpose we were put on the planet for.
When we combine our potential, practice and pain we can find our ultimate purpose. So don’t despise the challenges you are facing. Maybe it is time for a new way to look at them with open embrace knowing they are part of your ultimate design and destiny to help you become the best version of you.
My pain. It seems like a continuous series of never ending circumstances that sometimes loom like the dark gray clouds for days on end but I know that one day the sun will be back and summer will bring life to everything again.
My story has many trends of ups and down but as I have spent some time on what they are I am reminded that one of my current causes of pain is probably my biggest stepping stone to success. What is it you ask? Like you at times its hard to start sharing your pain but I would sum it up as the pain of unplanned circumstances. When you thought things were to go one way and they go another. At the core constantly challenged on what my definition of success is. If I have it and how to get it. Constantly challenged by my own brain, own perfectionism and entrepreneurial background to keep making it happen. I feel like its something we can all at one time or another relate with.
Not feeling like you are where you are suppose to be by now.
What if where you are right now is exactly where you are suppose to be?
This is one of my current pain’s that I know is challenging my practice of life and potential but when they all intercept I will experience and along with me other’s will experience my true purpose.
So what is your greatest pain right now and how can it help you into your greater purpose?
Here’s 3 Simple Steps to Finding Beauty in the Painful Places…
– Remember – don’t shy back from the painful places. Take some time to remember where they are, what happened
– Reflect – Take some time to reflect on the pain and process through it if you have just left it in the package for a while. Where do you need to forgive or give forgiveness? What have been some of your greatest takeaways from this experience? How could you move through it and use it for your platform?
– Reinvent – Yes, reinvent the purpose of the pain. If you have just shut if off and hidden it away its time to find the true meaning of that pain and use it for good. Do not let it hold you back any longer but allow yourself to reinvent your most painful experiences to be your greatest purpose and platform.
There is so much more to come on this topic but I hope that these three simple steps are a helpful start to get you moving forward in seeing how to find the beauty and purpose in your most pain fun places.
Love to hear your story or help you through the pain to the purpose.
Live Life to the Fullest,

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