Group Coaching

Life is better together

No great business person, artist or athlete hits their peak performance without a coach by their side.

Group coaching allows you to work together with other like-minded people to increase your performance and get those big goals.


With Bi-weekly group calls, homework and accountability you are sure to make some significant shifts.   You will work through your challenges  together and learn from each other as you experience another group member find their peak and watch them stay there over the weeks.


Don’t go at it alone fill in the form on the side or call Camille Today to hear more about her Group Coaching Program. (425) 890-8181


My favorite part of Coaching was the weekly check in and opportunity to share my victories and also challenges. I always felt so built up and encouraged Erin l Professional
Camille's ability to clearly hear what I was saying and respond to me with questions that required me to dig into my own answers and find them for myself rather than her just giving them to me was important to propel me to where I wanted but was also afraid to go. I am more equipped now than ever to see where I am going and take the right steps to get there. Kristi l Business Owner
I have always struggled when it comes to having structure and discipline in my life. Though sessions with Camille not knowing what to expect and I came out encouraged and feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. In this program she helped me to identify what was hindering my effectiveness in different areas of my life and then helped me to come up with a game plan. But this game plan wasn’t just a new schedule or rules to add in my life, she helped me focus in on specific areas that are priorities in my life and figure out how to implement a lifestyle that supports those priorities. What I loved most was that she doesn’t just tell you what to do but she actually works through what is holding you back and how to remove that barrier to become the most effective you. If you are looking to reach your full potential I would highly recommend Camille as your coach. Stephanie l Phycology Student

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