How to get more done – in less time!

Do you want to learn how to get more done – in less time?
Yes, it is possible! With just a few little tweaks and support.
I am doing a lunch & learn tomorrow for my local area (there is still time to join here) but if your not in the area I thought I would give you a preview and some special bits the lunch will not get (lucky you).
Have you ever sat down to do write something or work on a project and the next time you looked at the clock what you thought was 5 mins was actually 30 minutes later?
Me too. It’s a real experience for many of us. Where does our time go?
The 5mins you thought it was and the actually 30mins it was is the difference between “clock time” and “mental time”.
We often plan our lives to the “clock time” we think we are going to take where in reality if we were to start to plan our lives around the “mental or brain time” it was going to take us to do something we could get more done – in less time!
So here’s the quick strategies you are going to get before everyone else…
Before you start your day, make a “mental/brain time” plan. Not a clock time plan. This means you will need to prioritize what is going to get you the best results and go for that first. Often, we choose what is easiest to get done. This does not actually make things go faster or help us get more done in less time.
What does is when we start to prioritize the tasks that will get us the best results and take the most brain time to get done before the others. When your brain is free to create you will then be able to get more done – in less time
This is also help you to put in to practice our previous articles on living in your greatness and being content with where you are. When you know and recognize the difference between clock time and brain time you can begin to be confident in your “being-ness” and moving forward in your heart and brain dreams. (not sure what I’m talking about check out prior articles here)
I hope that this piece has given you a little tip on tuesday to help you get more done – in less time.
Keep an eye out for the 3P’s coming your way in the next Simple Steps Blog.
Let me know if you have any questions and if you are in area we would love to have you out tomorrow in Bellevue. Or if you know someone in that area spread the word.
Love doing life with each of you.
Live life to the fullest,
Camille Paterson
P.S. If you would like to hear this full talk please let me know to sign you up for my free webinar: How to do more – in less time!

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