Hustle or Hope?

Hope, what is it and how does it apply to my life, career and biz?
Great question!
I have been pondering this one this week. Along with what is the difference between hope and hustle. Do we need both? Can they work together?
This thought reminded me of a season in my life where it was all about the hustle, the doing and seeing the results through my work/hustle. I was excited but exhausted. To be honest I wouldn’t admit it to myself but I realize now that I was actually really unhappy. I thought it was all about what I was doing in helping move others forward but I now see it was really all about me and how hard I could hustle.
I was missing the power of combining my hustle with hope.
You might be asking what exactly is hope and hustle anyway…Here’s the dictionary definitions of both:
Hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.
Hustle: to obtain by forceful action or persuasion. Busy movement.
Hope sounds like something by this definition that you defiantly need to go from dreaming to doing or just surviving to thriving but what is all this around the world today about hustle being such a good thing in life with this definition?
Have we missed the power in combining hustle and hope?
When you focus on your hopes, expectation and desire for things to happen before your movement and action it eases the harsh forceful action definition of hustle and balances your life and mindset to produce something of deep substance and action. It is no longer just on your action to make it happen but also a deeper mindset of hope and expectation.
When we remember that our perspective or mindset is about 80% of the battle and add hope to the hustle this is when we go from good to great.
Note quite sure how to add that hope to your hustle?
Here’s 3 Simple Steps to move from Hustle to Hustle and Hope:
1. Stop – reflect on where you have been and where you want to go? Are you exhausted from the hustle or energized? Take even 3mins to write down where you are at.
2. Shift – Now that you know where you are at, what do you want to shift? Do you want to add hope in, how could you? Some ideas, a hope or vision board, hope statement or pick key things your are hoping for and put them in front of you.
3. Surrender – the pattern of only hustling. You can choose to do something different so give yourself the freedom to.
Here’s to living from hope first coupled with hustle to turn your dreams to doing and create a life you love.
If there is anyway I could support you in this please let me know as well as take a moment to respond back and let me know what you are hoping for and learning about with hope and hustle? Comment below!
Camille Paterson
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