Is the New Year Stressful or Successful?

Does the new year ever stress you out? Or is it something that you thrive on, the fresh start, perspective, opportunity for success and everyone so excited about what is to come?


Where are you at on the spectrum?


No matter where you are, the new year is an opportunity to look at life, what you love about it and what you might want to shift.


I have felt both ways going into new year and recently have been having more conversations  that the new year is feeling overwhelming or stressful because they don’t know how they are going to accomplish the ideals of what they think they should strive for.  Totally normal for those high-performers.  Sound like you?


Now, what if the world the worlds ideals for the new year where wrong?


What if resolutions/goals whatever you want to call them were just an opportunity to re-evaluate the lifestyle your currently have and make simple tweaks to it.  What if you could actually get new year goals instead of just setting them or stressing about them?


This is definatly an option, if you choose.


Do you want the New Year to be Stressful or Successful for you?


When you choose for it to successfully move you into making simple shift and steps into to the lifestyle you are already going for, you are able to use the new year and motivational energy around it to bring you successful benefits and have it not be so stressful! YES!


So how do you actually do this?  There are many ways!  If you are in the area we will be looking at quite a few of them at our Lunch & Learn in Bellevue and love to have you us… until then here are some Simple Steps to get you goal getting and not fretting in the new year!

  1. Start with lifestyle goals. When setting goals for the new year don’t try to make 10 crazy total opposite goals from your current lifestyle.  Try making simple goals that start to move you in the direction that you want your life go.  For example, if you want find more time for the things you love, start with an hour a week not an hour a day. If you want to get healthier instead of dropping all carbs, sugars and working out 6x a week make some less drastic shifts so that they are attainable for longer like working out 3x a week making some simple healthy balance meals that you pre-prepair and getting a little more sleep.  The idea that instead of going cold turkey on absolutely everything you binged on over the holidays is that you would start with simple lifestyle goals that help moving forward in a healthy and more sustainable manner so you do not fall flat on your face wk 2 or 3 or 4 of January.
  1. Simplify where you want to go.  This goes along with number 1 but just pick 3 or 4 things that you really want to focus on that will allow to continue in your normal life patters instead of total change the way you are going. Simply where you are going. Don’t make a list of 10 things, instead for example think about  3 words that you want  2016 to be shaped around and then choose your activities with those in mind.
  1. Shift Successfully. Move forward with clarity and success into the lifestyle shifts that you really want to live. Once you have chosen goals that are more the lifestyle you should be living, you’ve simplified them no you can choose what daily decisions you are going to make to shift successfully into that lifestyle. Keep track what did you do daily?


You can actually do this!  Make 2016 successful not stressful!


There is so much more so make sure you keep connected for more info and join us for lunch if you can!


As always if there is anyway I can support you please reach out and if this article served you please share it with others from our online blog!


Live Life to the Fullest.


Camille Paterson
Live. Create a life you love.


P.S.  With the new year comes some exciting new things! I am going to be launch a group coaching experience that is perfect for you if you are looking to align your passions with your purpose and get going on your successful year.  I am really excited about this because if is prices so everyone can do it and its all via phone an internet so it doesn’t matter where you are at in the world.  If you’d like to hear more email me for more details the launch page is coming soon.

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