Overcoming the Doubt… How the Holidays Can Help!

A very Happy Thanksgiving week to you and your loved ones!

While most of Thanksgiving and the Holidays are a fun and freeing time for some of us they can also bring doubt, insecurity and other feelings you don’t hear much about as different situations arise So along with wishing you the best this week, I also wanted to get real with what some of us deal with on a daily basis… Doubt.

So here we go…

Have you woken up one day and thoughts of doubt flooded your mind?

How will I ever do this?
Will I really be able to make it through?
Is it possible for me to believe that is is even possible?

Whether it is your current job, your future desires of a new career, starting or growing a business to the state of your relationships or wondering if you can really cook a delicious turkey for the 15 people you have coming over…we all have doubts and fears that creep in from time to time (or everyday pending your personality).

I remember when I was in the midst of a job transition that I had not planned on happening as early as it did and I would constantly wake up in the middle of the night wondering…”will I actually be able to do the next thing?” “I have no idea how.”

The thoughts of doubts and fear constantly flooded my mind and sometimes began to creep in to try to take over my body as well. I couldn’t handle the pressure and the overwhelming weight of these doubts.

So how do you overcome doubt and fear?
Especially during the Holidays where everyone from the outside seems to be merry and bright?

It was when I began to put the three simple steps below into action that I experience a shift. At some point in life we all struggle with doubt and fear. Whether you are in the midst of it right now or you keep this in your toolbox for the future I hope that this brings some more peace, joy and hope during your Holiday season!

Here’s 3 Simple Steps to Overcoming Doubt & Fear even in the Holidays…
1. Gratefulness: As we step into a week of time with family and friends to reflect on what we are grateful for all this week to switch you back into being grateful for what you do have, not just what you do not have. There are medical studies that show you cannot be anxious and grateful at the same time. So when we allow ourselves to make a list of what we are grateful for, think about it or just reflect on what we are grateful for, the doubt and fear start to shrink as the thankfulness expands.

2. Focus: There are multiple things you can focus on to overcome the doubt and fear from what you are thankful for to where you want to go. The Holidays allow us a season to not only think about what we are grateful for but reflect back on what worked great and what didn’t. When you’re able to reflect on those things and set up what to focus on for the future the doubt and fear begin to diminish as what your next steps are come into play.

3. Fun: The Holidays are suppose to be fun (even though sometimes they can be stressful) and full of friends and family. When we are grateful, focus our steps and add fun into what we do you will no doubt overcome that doubt. Adding the “Fun” factor to your dreams and plans melts away the fear and doubt. They may still be there but it is challenging for a huge smile and fearful thought to co-exist. Or to exist when you’re in a community of family and friends that support you.
How can you make your greatest fear fun? Maybe it’s turning it into a game, adding a reward or a consequence to make it a competition with yourself. Take some time to think about what you find to be fun and then add that into the area of life you are most struggling with doubt and fear. What if for once fear was fun… I bet we’d all do a lot more that we are scared of.

I hope this helps as a starting place to overcoming fear and doubt especially during the Holidays. Allow yourself to choose the Holidays as a time to make a change and difference for yourself and others. Go after that dream even if you “do it afraid”.

Enjoy this incredible week of gratitude and Thanksgiving!

Live Life to the Fullest,

Camille Paterson

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