Questions That Could Shift It All…

Ever felt the internal struggle of what you know is true and how you feel?
It’s something I honestly am challenged with everyday.
Whether I wake up ready for an awesome day to begin or on the wrong side of the bed, either way it seems that at some point in my day there is that inner mental battle where the if’s, should of’s or can I questions stare me in the face.
Ever experienced these questions taking over your mind…. “what if this, I should of that or can I even”…
It’s a mental game we are all challenged with at some point or another.
If you haven’t experience it yet, tell me your secret.
For those of us that face it on a daily, weekly or monthly level we often never admit to it. Yet, one of the most powerful ways to overcome this fight is to share it, talk about it and ask for support.
Whether your an entrepreneur wondering if your biz will really make it or a manager trying to build your team and yourself to the best you can, to a parent just trying to make it through the day… There are some questions that can change your everyday.
Yes, start with the right questions to shift your perspective everyday.
Here are 3 Simple Steps (with questions) that I ask myself every morning and evening that can change your perspective forever.
1. Gratitude
AM: Write down 3 things you are grateful about the upcoming day.
PM: Write down 3 things you are grateful for that happened that day.
2. Shift Focus
AM: What opportunities do I have today?
PM: What opportunities did I have today?
3. New Action
AM: What Action will serve me today?
PM: What Action could I have shifted from today for tomorrow?
An easy way to do this is to get a calendar just for these questions daily and keep it by your bed or with you to review throughout the day. Remember we all go through challenging situations and these are just opportunities that we have to shift things mentally and refocus. You may also need to take some time to enter into that challenging feeling or situation to really process through and get what you need out of those challenges. Either way if you have any questions or things I could support you in please let me know.
Live Life to the Fullest,
Camille Paterson

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