The Missing Ingredient

Have you ever been making a recipe that you know by heart and it is one of your favorites, but when you get to the end you discover you missed a key ingredient?
I know I’ve done this more times than I’d like to admit.
As I reflect on the many crazy, horrific and tragic world events that have been happening lately I am reminded of this experience while making my favorite recipe.
You might be thinking that this is a strange correlation to people losing their lives but let me explain.
As I reflected on all of the unexplainable things, including what happened in Florida I was reminded of the basic human connection that often seems like it is lost when tragedies like this happen but then found as people deal with the grief, pain and loss.
What is that basic human connection I am talking about?
It is the missing ingredient when things like this happen.
From ignoring someone on the street to the most horrific terrorist attack (and I am not saying they are on the same level!) it is love that goes missing.
In a world of high pace tech, everything at your fingertips and opinions going everywhere it can be easy to lose track of the most important ingredient.
Whether it is at home, in your business or your future goals and dreams I beg you this week to check in the own kitchen of your life if you happen to be missing a key ingredient not only to ultimate success but the ingredient that will help us change the world.
I challenge you to see if you have been missing the key ingredient not only to ultimate success but the ingredient that will help us change the world, whether it’s at home, in your business or planning your future… take a moment to take stock of the your own ‘life’s kitchen’ and see if you’re missing the key ingredient.
May you go forth in love and be filled with hope knowing you have the power to add the key ingredient of life back in.
I leave you with one of my favorite quotes.
“Be the Change You Wish to See In The World.”
– Ghandi
And  a extra special thanks to all the Dad’s out there, who bring the Love like no other!
Camille Paterson
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PPS. If you would like to talk about how to put this ingredient back into your life please comment below.

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