My Niche, is it Really That Important?

The simple answer… it may be one of the most important things.
You might be asking yourself if I am not starting a business why is niching so important?
Well, whether you are starting a business, choosing a direction in your life or building something great it has to start with a purpose, focus and mission. A Niche is something that can help shape all of those.
Have you ever spent a season of your life wandering aimlessly? Maybe you did not even know that is what you were doing but as you look back you realize that is exactly what you were doing.
This takes me back to when I started working on college campus’. I had an idea of how to build what I was there to do but I spent a lot of time ‘wandering’ around trying and testing different things to see what really would catch. Not really knowing at the time that is what I was doing. It was exciting, frustrating, confusing and then exciting again, once something finally clicked. The process of identifying your niche can follow a similar pattern. One day you think you have found it and then something sideswipes that dream. But don’t worry keep going and keep trying new things…you never know what might just end up sticking!
If you have not heard of this before you maybe asking yourself, what is a niche anyway?
Niche, there are many definitions but the easiest to understand I think is: “the situation in which a business’s products or services can succeed by being sold to a particular kind or group of people.”
Now this can apply to your business or your life…What particular kind or people group are you trying to serve in your business and your life? When you can clearly identify this it will help shape everything else you do.
For the next little bit I will be doing a series on niching and giving you some special exercises where you can practice identifying your niche, identify a new one or go deeper into the one you know is right. We will review finding your niche, redefining your niche and implementing your niche so those you are trying to reach really understand you!
Let’s get started…
3 Simple Steps to Starting the Process of Finding Your Niche:
1. Ask Yourself: Who do I want to work with most? What is it about that people group that intrigues me? Where have I spent time with them before?
2. Ask Yourself: What in my past could collaborate into this new niche or people group. Do I have skills that they would like, what have I done before that I could offer them?
3. Ask Yourself: What is unique about this people group? What are some things that make them stand out?
*note: you may have a few different people groups so feel free to do the same questions for every group.
I hope this jumpstarts you to niche your business and life in a new way!
If you would like some support around this because it can be one of the most challenging things I’d be happy to set up a 20min discovery call. Fill in the contact form on the website or comment below.
Happy Niching!
Camille Paterson

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